Darshan and Prasadam

dnp_01Darshan of the divine appearance of Shri Maharajji is the way of approaching towards the Satguru. It is also an interaction between the devotee and Satguru, where devotee inquires and learns the truth from Satguru. The divine Darshan arouses the inner consciousness, pure devotional love and spiritual elevation.

After divine darshan, devotees offer their prayers, prostration and take the merciful blessings of His divine Holiness Shri Maharajji for the fulfilment of their wishes.

Prasadam is the pure offering of the flowers, fruits or sweets with love and devotion to Shri Maharajji. The Prasadam is given by Shri Maharajji to all his devotees with the blessing residing within it.

Prasadam the merciful blessing of Shri Maharajji also includes:


Paggu is an orange ribbon, tied on the forehead of the devotees by Shri Maharajji. The orange ribbon signifies the blessing to protect the devotees from danger and harm.


Bhubhuti is holy ash, which has the spiritual energy and is applied on the forehead and tongue. It protects against diseases and sufferings. Early in the morning, after taking the bath, it is regularly taken and applied by the devotees, giving them strength and protects them from all evils and dangers. Devotees consider it as their saviour, having all blessings and powers of Shri Bawa Lal ji. A person can never face any trouble or problem if applied whole heartedly with complete faith.

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