Diksha in Shri Bawa Lal Sampraday, vaishnav tradition of Hinduism, is the initiation given by Acharya Shri Maharajji of the Vaishnav Gaddi of Shri Dhianpur Dham.

At the time of initiation, a puja ceremony is performed with vedic procedure by a learned Brahmin, where a devotee is instructed and takes the major vows and after then, Acharya Shri Maharajji gives him the divine Guru Mantra.

The devotee is prohibited to disclose the divine Guru Mantra to others because the tradition holds that one can learn it only from the Guru. Devotees are not allowed to give among themselves, but can learn from each other if they have taken it before from Achaya Shri Maharajji.

For taking initiation in the Shri Bawa Lal Sampraday, devotee has to take the four major vows which are as follows:

  • Consumption of Tobacco, hashish, alcohol and other sort of intoxication material is prohibited.
  • Non vegetarian consumption is prohibited of meat, fish, egg and onion, garlic etc is also prohibited.
  • Adultery is prohibited. Except the married life other all types of connection of illegal relationship of male or female is prohibited.
  • Gambling is prohibited. Any kind of Gamble playing is prohibited.

The initiated devotees in the Vaishnav Shri Bawa Lal Sampradaya through

  • Rendering service to Acharya Shri Maharajji and Shri Dhianpur Dham.
  • Recitiation of the divine Guru Mantra.
  • Inquiring by approaching Acharya Shri Maharajji.
  • Glorifying the divine glory of Shri Bawa Lal Ji through Sankirtan and Bhajans.

Become spiritually elevated in inner consciousness and develops pure devotional love towards Supreme Lord Shri Bawa Lal Ji.

The one who completely surrenders through all his mind, word and deed to the Supreme Lord Shri Bawa Lal Ji, transcends in bhakti, gyana and dharma and with the divine merciful grace of Shri Bawa Lal Ji attains enlightenment and eternal salvation.

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