Shri Dhianpur Dham Temple

Shri Dhianpur Dham is the Vaishnav Dwara established by Dwaracharya Jagatguru Shri Bawa Lal Ji in AD 1495. It is also the divine abode of Supreme Lord Shri Bawa Lal ji, where he spent considerable period of his life and has continued to be present through the disciplic succession of the Vaishnav Gaddi of Shri Dhianpur Dham. Shri Dhianpur Dham is the most sacred holy place for pilgrimage among the followers of Shri Bawa Lal Sampradaya.

temp_01Shri Dhianpur Dham temple complex which is situated on a hillock has the sacred Samadhi of Supreme Lord Shri Bawa Lal Ji and Shri Gurumukh Lal Ji, the first successor of Lord Shri Bawa Lal Ji, Vyas Gaddi and Ram Mandir.

Shri Dhianpur Dham is an eternal residence of Shri Bawa Lal Ji, where he himself has taken the form of Samadhi, just to make it convenient for devotees to worship Him. Shri Dhianpur Dham is visited by hundreds of thousands of people from throughout the world. temp_02Devotees experience the divinity of the most merciful incarnation of Supreme Lord Shri Bawa Lal ji, and offer prayers, obeisance and prostrations, and perform circumambulations of Samadhi place for the elevation of spiritual consciousness, felicity, liberation from sufferings and fulfilment of the spiritual as well as mundane desires. After praying at Samadhi of Shri Bawa Lal Ji devotees also worship and pay homage at the Samadhi of Shri Gurmukh Lal Ji.

temp_03Vyas Gaddi of Shri Dhianpur Dham is the sovereign throne of Shri Bawa Lal Sampraday, from where Acharya Shri Maharajji, the successor of Shri Bawa Lal ji, gives divine appearance to the devotees. Devotees offer prostrations and take blessings from Acharya Shri Maharajji for fulfilment of their wishes. Acharya Shri Maharajji gives prasadam to all his devotees, which has his blessings residing within it.

Shri Dhianpur Dham Temple complex has also the divine Peepal tree which existed from the time of Shri Bawa Lal ji and near to it, is Shivalya temple.

temp_04Ram Mandir situated in the temple complex was built by the 7th Vaishnachaya of Shri Dhianpur Dham adores the beautiful deities of the Maryada Purushotama avatar Lord Shri Ramachandra with Shri Sita and Shri Lakshmana in the main altar, also the ardent devotee of Lord Shri Rama, Hanuman ji in altar opposite to main. In one of the altars of Ram Mandir is displayed the historical holy relics related to the life of Satguru Shri Bawa Lal Ji. On the walls of Ram Mandir, are painted murals covering Hindu religious personalities portraying several rishis including Vashishtha, Markandeya, Narada, Valmiki and Vyasa Deva. The murals also depict Satyavadi Raja Harish Chandra, Ramanandacharya and Tulsi Dasa. A large panel illustrates the battle between the Kauravas and Pandavas. Another large panel portrays fourteen Mahant of the Shri Dhianpur Dham with Satguru Bawa Lal Ji in the centre.

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