Kalanor Tapobhumi

Kalanor Tapobhumi is one of the divine holy places of pilgrimage in Shri Bawa Lal Sampraday. The holy site is situated by the bank of river Kiran where Yogiraj Shri Bawa Lal ji performed severe austerity for many years by taking ‘Jal Shaiya Asana’ inside river Kiran, due to which his skin became loose and deteriorated. For the welfare of the living entities, Shri Bawa Lal ji with his miraculous power transformed himself into a 16 year old youth.

It is also the historical place visited by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan with his eldest son Dara shikoh for having darshan of Supreme Personality Shri Bawa Lal ji.

His Divine Holiness Shri Ram Sundar Das ji Maharaj took resolution for the restoration of this sacred and historical site by building magnificient mandir above the Tapasthali of Shri Bawa Lal ji .The construction work started in April 2007 where several devotees were engaged in the construction work and other services. With the guidance and blessings of His Divine Holiness Shri Ram Sundar Das ji the construction of the mandir completed in only one year in April, 2008.

Today the glory of Kalanor Tapobhumi has increased immensely. Devotees and pilgrims come in large number for darshan, offer prayers and obeiances, and perform pradakshina of Tapasthali.

Kalanor Tapasthali is the place where one can feel the divine presence of the Supreme Lord Shri Bawa Lal ji in the preternatural atmosphere of Tapobhumi, fulfilling the desires as well as wishes of all the devotees.

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