Temple Information Center

information center The Temple Information Centre is located at the entrance to the guesthouse building, adjacent to the temple of Shri Dhianpur Dham. The information centre helps and takes care of the devotees in every respect related to his stay in Shri Dhianpur Dham. They arrange for the accommodation of the devotees and guide them in all aspects telling about where to get prasadam; what are the darshan timings; how to reach Kalanaur Tapashtali; travel queries etc. They also provides the basic necessities such as quilts, sheets, pillows etc and also serves the requests, which are made available, during their stay.

The information centre also provides with the medical help .They arrange for the doctors as well as the medicines are also made available to them on their request. The Temple Information centre also provides P.C.O. and S.T.D. facilities for the devotees to contact their relatives.

The devotees at the information centre are ever ready to serve the pilgrims and assist them with all necessary information regarding their queries.

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