The Sanskrit Mahavidhayala located in the divine holy land of Shri Dhianpur dham was founded by the 13th Vaishnavacharya Shri Dwarka Das ji. The Sanskrit Mahavidhayala is affiliated with the Chandigarh-Punjab University of India.

The students come from all over India to learn the Sanskrit language and the Vedic subjects of Hinduism.

The Gurukula provides the food and lodging accommodation for the students at free of cost. The Gurukula also provides books as well as of other study related facilities and also bear the cost of the examination fees for them.

The Gurukula provides quality teaching and emphasis on the Spiritual as well as Indian Culture. The students in routine participate in the regular prayers performed at the temple.

The eligibility of the student for the entrance in the Sanskrit Mahavidhayala must be 10th pass and the academic session begins from the month of July.The entrance rights for the students will be reserved by the chief incharge of the gurukula.

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