guesthouse 1Dhianpur Dham temple has three guest house buildings for the accommodation of the devotees visiting Shri Dhianpur Dham .One of the building is located at Shri Dwarka Das ji’s  room side .It has 24 rooms ,one big hall and a separate kitchen.

The second guest house building is situated adjacent to the temple, the construction of which was started during the reign of the 14th Vaishnavacharya Shri Narain Das ji and completed by the present Vaishnavacharya Shri Ram Sundar Das ji. It has 60 rooms, 3 big halls and huge prasadam hall where thousand of the devotees can have prasadam (langar) at the same time.

guesthouse 2The third Guesthouse building is situated opposite the temple which has 40 rooms which provides accommodation for devotees so that they may attend the daily spiritual programmes in the temple.

All guest rooms are air cooled and has the basic necessities such as almirah, mirror etc.





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