goshala 1 The Goshala, located near the entrance of the temple of Shri Dhianpur Dham is home to a large numbers of cows, bulls and calves. It provides healthy and clean environment where the cows grow up and live peacefully.

They are well taken care of by the appointed servitors at the Goshala and are maintained by regularly providing food, drinking water as well as bath for cleanliness.

Regular medical checkups are carried by the veterinarian to ensure good health.

goshala 2The cows are milked by hands and the calves drink milk from their mothers for proper upbringing and growth with good health.

The milk of the cows is used for daily Bhog of Maakhan (butter) offered to the Lord which is thereafter distributed to the devotees.

The milk is supplied to the Temple kitchen, Gurukul of Sanskrit MahaVidhyala and is also distributed for the kitchen of servitors as well as workers.


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